About Us

Our Story

AdMyAuto.com is a privately owned advertising company, headquartered in Houston, TX, and operating nationally.

AdMyAuto.com was founded in 2016, when Jack Bornstein (AdMyAuto Owner), thought about the awful time he spends during his morning commute - is there a way we can actually make money while we're just sitting in our car?


There is a way to advertise local business's, right to the people who are actually around it.

Developing the idea further, we thought at AdMyAuto.com that placing a digital sign ad on the back of vehicle's window would be the best way to go, and the vehicle of the common person, seemed like an excellent way to raise awareness of local business everywhere.

Seeing the effectiveness of the vehicle's back window advertisement, it was just a matter of time on how do we get everybody to start making money.

We're committed to making AdMyAuto.com a part of the solution by matching businesses in need of advertising with companies looking to advertise in their area. AdMyAuto's business strategy offers a whole new world a win-win solution for both businesses and the advertisers.

Our 2020 Vision

Our vision is to grow our national advertising fleet from here to ANYWHERE.

As AdMyAuto.com grows, we hope to expand worldwide and to bring our dynamic changing ads to every car on the road.

These days people spend more time being outside their house rather than inside, commute has become a big chunk of our day - we hope we'll be able to make every person earn money on the go, and with your help it's totally possible!

Our Values

• Provide professional, effective, honest and positive brand exposure for our customers.
• Always cherish, and strive for the best customer care for our employees, drivers, customers and partners.
• Sky is NOT the limit - we're passionate about our business and committed to invent ourselves everyday .
• Create meaningful and strong partnerships with companies, people and non-profit organizations.