AdMyAuto – Get Paid To Place Ads On Your Car.

How does AdMyAuto work?

Very easy!

Once you have completed a ‘New Driver Application’ to be reviewed and become a part of our network of driver advertisers, we will send the AdKit and you will be able to install it easily by yourself on your car’s back window.

What’s our product?

Our easy to use AdKit is a revolutionary electronic-net, which you’ll be able to install in your car, easily on your back window – and with a flick of a click – you’ll start monetizing your commute!

What is different about us?

When you think of car advertisements, those vinyl wraps and stickers you are used to seeing on the roads may come to mind.

We had a better idea.

Our AdKit is composed of a digitized net screen which allows you to complete visibility while driving in reverse. It can also easily be turned off or removed when not in use.

The bottom line is that we actually don’t have any materials and you won’t have to change your cars’ look at all.  We have a product that is easy to install and remove on your car’s back window that can make you money whenever you decide!